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Welcome to Nayeli's Cleaning Services

Dirt Has No Place In Your House

We won’t leave a site until every corner of your property is properly cleaned and disinfected. With our technique, attention to detail, and efficiency, we’ll make your home or business shine. We equip our crew with specialized tools and eco-friendly products to achieve sparkling clean results that don’t harm the environment. Call us!

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Office Cleaning

Do you want to increase your employees’ productivity and reduce sick days? Then, it is essential that you maintain... Read More

Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom and the kitchen are the places that your family and guests frequent the most. Depending o... Read More

Condominium Cleaning

In need of special assistance for your condominium cleaning needs? Then, our experts will help you! ... Read More

Top-Quality Cleaning Services After Party Cleaning

Are you planning to have a super fun party at your house? Do you need a cleaning company to do the dirty job the day after? Then, call our cleaning specialists! Don’t worry for a second about cleaning, because we’ll clean every part of your property while you rest. Call us now!

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Eliminate Impurities & Pollutants

Top-Quality Cleaning Services

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Dirt Has No Place In Your House

There is no greater feeling than coming to a clean and tidy property! Welcome to Nayeli's Cleaning Services, a company that provides top-of-the-line and reasonably priced cleaning solutions for residential and commercial customers. Our specialists aim to help clients to keep their homes sanitized and organized.

We understand that sometimes you don’t have time to do housework due to your busy life and tight schedule. Therefore, we decided to make your life easier by offering affordable and honest cleaning services. We’ll go to you with a smile on our faces and well-equipped to do the dirty job, so you don’t have to.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Nayeli's Cleaning Services is to opt for a professional, hardworking, and efficient company to sanitize your home or business at a great price.


Our mission at Nayeli's Cleaning Services is to improve the quality of your life and health by helping you keep your property clean and tidy whenever you need it.


Our vision at Nayeli's Cleaning Services is to be Salt Lake City’s most demanded cleaning services providers by always providing a quick, amiable, and affordable service.

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Dirt Has No Place In Your House